SOIC-DIP14 adapter

SOICDIP14 adaptersI originally designed this small SOIC-DIP14 adapter to use LM3046 (available from mouser) as replacement for CA3046.

Of course it can be used ti fit any SOIC14 ic into a DIP14 footprint.

This project is open source (CC-by-SA), and boards can be ordered directly from OSHPark, it amounts to about 1$ per chip.

Build Instructions

You need the two boards for one adapter, the top board holds the SMD, the bottom board holds the pins for the DIP socket
Pins 1,2,6,7,8,9,13,14 go through both boards, pins 3,4,5,10,11,12 go only in the bottom board, they’re connected to the top through the six small holes in the middle, I use resistor or diode legs for the pins, on OSH, it amounts to a total of 1$ per adapter


Project available at OSHPark

Top board

Bottom board

3AttMix Triple Attenuator Mixer Eurorack

3 Att Mix

This is a simple 3 way mixer, with a passive attenuator for each of the three inputs, and a mix output with a main level potentiometer. each input also has a dedicated output, when a jack is plugged into an output, the corresponding input is removed from the mix, and thus can be used as an independent passive attenuator. Thus this module can be used as a 3 voice mixer, or one passive attenuator and a two voice mixer, or three passive attenuators.


  • 6HP wide
  • Eurorack standard compliant
  • Skiff friendly (2cm deep including power connector)

Build Instructions

The build is rather straightforward: just solder everything in its right place and you’re done!

Schematics and PCB Layout

See in download section to get the sources from GitHub


  • 7 Erthenvar jacks
  • 4 9mm pots (100k lin or log)
  • 5 100K resistors
  • 2 47K resistors
  • 1 330r resistor
  • 2 100n caps
  • 2 47pf caps
  • 1 tl072
  • 1 euro power header 2*5


Download the source from Github

The module on ModularGrid