Shruthi-1 editor

Shruthi-1 Editor screenshot on MacOSX
Shruthi-1 Editor screenshot on MacOSX

This is a software MIDI editor for Mutable Instruments awesome DIY synthesizer, the Shruthi-1.

This stand-alone software was entirely done using MAX 6 software from Cycling74.

It allows edition of all the Shruthi-1 parameters from a single screen through a MIDI connection.

It can send and receive patch data in SYSEX format.

Last but not least, the editor is open-source and the MAX project files can be downloaded from my GitHub.


Download the source from GitHub

Download the binary for MacOSX, unzip and just drag and drop to your Applications folder.


Visit Mutable Instruments website, who makes the Shruthi-1 synthesizer.

Project page in Cycling 74 toolbox.