Modular cases

I design and build my modular cases myself from wood, I built two models:

  • The first case is a 3U, 126HP wide slanted desktop boat, with wooden rails, it is about 8cm deep, so it can accomodate most of the eurorack format modules.
  • the second case I built is a 6U 84HP travel case, it is very shallow, skiff like so it can easily be carried around, and so that it can be played with the box laying on one’s lap, comfortably seated on the living room sofa. It has Doepfer style rails, the top row is max 6cm deep, so it can still accomodate quite deep modules, the bottom row is not so deep, because of the place taken by the power supply, bus board and power connectors wiring, but it can accomodate any skiff friendly module.