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12U 84HP Modular suitcase

I finally found the time to complete my 12U 84HP eurorack modular case.

12U * 84HP DIY travel modular case


In the end I settled on two separate switching Meanwell PSUs, these are very cost effective (below 30USD), they have both +/- 12 V and a dedicated 5V rail (useful for digital modules like my PEG), the power supply is very clean and I see no drawback whatsoever compared to the linear PSU I was using before (I did my own PSU with a tore transformer, similar to the standard Doepfer PSU). For the power distribution bus boards, I used el-cheapo stripboard with shrouded headers.

The eurorack rails are fitted with M3 threaded strips, much more convenient than sliding nuts, I got them from Schneidersladen. The handle, rubber feets and latches are made by Adam Hall and I got them from Thomann. Enough talk, pics!!

Removable hinges With mains cables Ready for travel Case Closed PSU and bus board Separated P1030301

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